Pickering Sullivan Investigations knows that companies, law firms and private individuals rely on discreet, accurate and detailed information compiled with attention to professional and ethical standards. We work closely with our clients to develop the critical information they need, and only gather information in a legal manner.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Before a company considers merging with or acquiring another company, Pickering Sullivan Investigations can provide comprehensive insights into the intended target. Whether analyzing the integrity of top corporate officers, examining the potential target’s business practices, history, competitive claims or industry reputation, our investigations help companies make informed decisions about potential strategic relationships that have proven to save millions of dollars in shareholder value.


Corporate Governance

Our company also examines and confirms both the professional and personal history of individuals before hiring or appointments to boards, helping companies avoid liability and risk to reputation. We look to uncover any discrepancies between what has been represented by the candidate, controversies involving subjects that have not been disclosed previously to our client, and civil or criminal actions in their past that might give pause before  engaging an individual in a position of governance.


Knowledge and insight are the keys to successful litigation. For 25 years, our company principals have worked with litigators to uncover powerful truths about courtroom opponents that give our clients the upper hand. As a boutique investigations firm with a powerful national and global network of contacts developed over many years, we offer an ideal combination of deep connections with senior-level attention and dedication to detail. We provide data that helps in the court room or at the negotiating table – whether it be asset searches, factual discovery, strategic investigations or identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses.


Our firm provides expert protection for companies in the position of fending off hostile takeovers, proxy contests, activist shareholders or other types of contests for corporate control. Information gathered by our company helps our clients expose adversaries’ vulnerabilities, uncover past track records and personal and professional histories of proposed board nominees or activist shareholders. As a boutique firm, our rapid turnaround and powerful information gathered on adversaries before or during a proxy battle has proven invaluable to our clients as they develop strategy during times of crisis.


Pickering Sullivan Investigations leverages a global network of investigators and contacts built up over 25 years and hundreds of successful cases. Whether it be in Latin America, Europe, Canada or Asia,  we routinely  support our clients  with accurate, prompt information to make informed decisions in litigation, pre-transaction deals, fraud investigations or business intelligence.


We work closely with companies to uncover important information about potential business partners and the corporate history of entities. We are able to help businesses enter into relationships with other businesses with full knowledge of the company and individual’s backgrounds, allowing our clients to make sound decisions.



Recovering monies after a judgment can be a difficult task for companies and their representatives. Pickering Sullivan Investigations has an extensive track record of working with clients to establish a sensible, legal approach to identifying assets that are recoverable through discovery of assets that are sometimes hidden via family members or undisclosed companies.


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